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whereas we are focusing on saving lives of persecuted Christians, the same time we are also saving lives spiritually as well, so that, people may not only find lives but eternal lives .

lord has brought many lost ones to Christ around the world through j’s evangelism, preaching and reaching out to unreached. lord is on a big move to bring people out of darkness to see the light “Jesus Christ” , a light of hope, a light of love and a light of changing lives.

families and individuals are being given a hope of living in Jesus. in Hope, instead of harming, hating and killing, they have found love, intimacy of Christ and way of living . lord is using J for His kingdom to serve those who are in need of knowing Jesus, he has brought many out of darkness to light and baptized non-Christians and non-Believers in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit .

our lord is on a big move to save lives and empower those who are living in dark. we invite you all to be armed in Holy Spirit and keep praying for those who are lost and need to be found

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