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Christians who are being persecuted and their lives are being taken away to death, just because they believe in our lord Jesus and defend their faith in Him who is their Savior .we save lives physically recuing them from persecution and spiritually bringing those to Jesus who are living in dark. in some case, it is difficult and dangerous for the persecuted Christians and refugees to stay in the same region of ther persecution and they need to be relocated, resettled in some where in distance from the region of  their persecution, even in some cases relocate them in different countries if possible .in this situation, our mission is to provide them safe places relocating  and resettling them .

our Mission is Christ centered and we are called to serve, rescue, save, support with basic needs of living of the families who are being persecuted and need our help to be instantly sheltered or are in need of  resettlement either inside of the very country or out of the country around the world .

 obviously  the MISSION of rescuing and saving lives is dangerous and full of risk but J’s faith is full of hope in Jesus and he trusts that Lord protects and provides the needs, he believes in protection of God behind our actions toward saving lives of persecuted families and reaching out to those who are unreached. 

Lord has rescued, resettled many through our mission and we believe through your prayers and support God is saving lives and meeting the needs  .

Jesus also has brought many from darkness to light to embrace JESUS and accept Him as their Savior through J’s preaching, evangelizing and spiritual interaction.

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